Delivering Resilient and Equitable Climate Finance

Overestimating the Impact of Carbon Emissions and Underconsumption of Energy Usage on the Finance Value Chain leads to Multi-billion $ Financial losses.




Transform Disconnected Data Aggregation and Proxies into Transparent Finance-Ready Metrics

Turn Financial Losses into Gains, with Granular Open Data for Continuous Verification, Validation of Carbon Emissions, Energy Savings and Climate Costs

Lenders, ESCOS and Owners benefit from Transparent Metrics, Decisions and Engagement.

CarbonLaces is the Digital, Measure, Report Verification (D-MRV) Layer for Reducing Energy, Carbon and Climate costs for any Address.

Your D-MRV Matches your Financial Flexibility with Energy and Carbon Flexibility 

You Benefit from Reduced Cost, Increased Transparency and Dynamic Impact Certificates



Track Performance of Individual Carbon and Energy Consumption with Cost Reductions; Delivered by Automated workflows.



Source Leads, Reduce Upfront Costs with Continuous Verifications and Quality Checks via Third parties.



Save Energy Loads, Carbon and Costs and Support Smart Green Initiatives, Curated for you.

Case Study

Automated, API-first, Transparent and Predictive Decarbonisation Experiences.

Delivered an 85% Reduction in Energy for Compliance Reporting.

Brought Climate Commitments 18 years ahead with Share of Wallet for Adaptation.

Madhuban Kumar


Madhuban is a 2x entrepreneur, angel investor, board advisor and ex-VC with domain expertise in data, energy and finance. ex-First Data, Insight Ventures and Centrica and Metafused 

Gunter Kanitz

Lead Engineer

Gunter is a full-stack engineer and with extensive data science experience and holds a PhD in bio-robotics. 

Morteza Hosseini

Data Scientist | Engineer

Morteza, PhD in computer science, is a data scientist and engineer with extensive experience in machine learning.

Matt Higham

Board Advisor

CDO, Costain Group, ex CDO, Microsoft.

Charles Cameron

Board Advisor

Ex Centrica and BP.

Matthew Roderick

Board Advisor

Ex Smart DCC, Nokia, n3rgy.

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Our Journey

Our story goes back to 2009 when our CEO meandered to 78-82N in a life-changing personal journey. She spent days with Climate Scientists, Geologists, and Space Researchers as they launched a rather underwhelming Hot-Air Balloon to analyse cosmic dust and understand the impact of Anthropocene Emissions on our Planet. Analysing that data took the smartest brains a decade. But all around her, were the proof point of the previous Global Warming, where stones snapped as the Arctic, and the Antarctic turned into Savanna in 60-70 years and wiped out 33% of human life on our Planet, roughly over 12,000 years ago.

We came together, bringing the diverse aspects of Climate, Carbon, Energy, and Nature.

We saw the gaps, and we wanted to give people the Tools to see in Real-time what an Impact they could make on Climate change if they could know what their Carbon Emissions and Energy Savings were.  Institutions if they knew, they could make money, would do more. If we could do it at Scale, just maybe we could reverse the Carbon Clock and Stop History from repeating itself.

CarbonLaces Halo APIs are based on millions of Real-time data, Personalised, Transparent and Optimised for Accountability and Verifications.

We further deliver Certifications, feeding into Third-party or CarbonLaces Certificates to fund projects with Independent Validations, starting with the UK and eventually scaling our Planet.

Our Vision is to create a Win-Win for all by showcasing Today's Energy Savings while Delivering Tomorrow's Climate Actions.

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